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Macintosh programming Cross-platform Social Networking solution Web-based Recruiting Solution Computer-based teleprompter software Doctor's Presentation tool

Macintosh programming


Softage Macintosh team profile

The Macintosh (often called "the Mac"), introduced in 1984 by Apple Computer, was the first widely-sold personal computer with a graphical user interface. The Mac was designed to provide users with a natural, intuitively understandable, and, in general, "user-friendly" computer interface. While Macintosh users represent only about 5% of the total numbers of personal computer users, Macs are highly popular and almost a cultural necessity among graphic designers and online visual artists and the companies they work for.

Macintosh software development is one of our main areas of software development. We have a team with solid background in mac programming

Softage provides a comprehensive set of custom Macintosh development services:

Macintosh Application development
Macintosh Utilities programming
Cross-platform application development for Windows, Linux and Mac
Porting existing Windows applications to Mac OS
Porting to Mac OS X from previous Macintosh versions
Testing under Mac OS 10.3-10.4

We have park of Macintosh computers and highly skilled software & web developers for Macintosh programming & Mac software development and testing purposes in our facilities.

To have a better understanding of what we can do please see case studies:

Cross-platform Social Networking solution

Large social networking solution. Custom secure application with built-in chat, voice messaging, file transfer and application sharing capabilities.

Technologies: RealBasic 2005, Valentina, Mac OS X


Computer-based teleprompter software

Computer-based teleprompter software for personal and professional usage with rich set of features.

Technologies: Mac OS X, Cocoa development environment, Rational Rose, C/C++, QuickTime


Doctor's Presentation tool

Cross-platform convenient presentation tool with optimal set of features designed to address needs of medical specialists.

Technologies: Java/Swing, Mac OS X


About Softage Macintosh team

Last years have shown a significant growth of interest to Mac as a platform. As a result, demand for Macintosh programming on the software outsourcing market is on the rise. To meet this growing interest Softage Inc. has formed a specialized Macintosh programming team. The team consists of experienced software engineers with solid background in application and utilities programming under Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9, and Mac OS X.


Here you can get some CVs of our Macintosh team members in PDF:

 Softage Macintosh team Developer
 Softage Macintosh team Architect/PM
 Softage Macintosh team profile

Web-based Recruiting Solution

Web site for a large distributed company with offices in Japan, US, Europe and Australia.

Technologies: Flash, XML, MS SQL, ASP, Adobe PhotoShop, Mac OS



Here is the partial list of technologies that we use:

Cocoa is Apple Inc's native object-oriented application programming environment for the Mac OS X operating system.
Carbon is Apple Inc.'s procedural API for the Macintosh operating system, which permits a good degree of forward and backward compatibility between source code written to run on the older and now dated Classic Mac OS (Version 8.1 and later), and the newer Mac OS X.
Xcode is Apple's suite of tools for developing software on Mac OS X. Xcode 2.4.1, the latest version, is bundled free with Mac OS X v10.4
RealBasic (RB) is an object-oriented dialect of the BASIC programming language developed and commercially marketed by REAL Software, Inc in Austin, Texas for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

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