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PDA programming

programming became very popular as handheld services are quickly changing and continuous handheld software development is needed to maintain the software up-to-date according to the market of PDA devices, that’s why the demand for PDA application development is huge. To satisfy growing demand on the PDA software outsourcing market, Softage Inc. has formed a special PDA software development team. Over the past years, the team performed a number of important projects and has shown steady growth. While having significant experience with different PDA platforms, we make a particular focus on development for Windows Mobile platform.

Our team of PDA developers and handheld programmers working in the areas of pocket pc programming, pocket pc software development, pda development, handheld programming, pocket pc application development, pda web development and blackberry app development.

Softage delivers mobile solutions for the following mobile platforms:
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian
  • Blackberry
  • Linux

Softage team provides expertise at both system and application level programming for PDA.

Case studies on PDA programming

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Winwap Technologies Oy, Finland
We have worked with the guys at Softage for 6 years and have always been amazed at how quickly they adapt to our needs and of the high level of proffessionalism they provide. They have created new suites of applications for us from scratch for horizontal markets as well as taken over projects originally created by ourselves.

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