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Softage H.263 Video Codec Demo Download Page


Softage Video Codec setup program installs and registers Softage encoder and decoder DirectX objects contained in SoftageH263.dll, copies sample .avi files precompressed by Softage video codec with various bitrate set and installs CaptureSample.exe application you can use to check quality of movies compressed by Softage codec without need to use any additional tools such as DirectX GraphEdit.

Download Softage H.263 video codec demo (6,501,322 bytes)
If you have any problem downloading Softage H.263 codec demo please Contact Us directly. Contacting by email please indicate your name and brief description of purposes of using the demo. In this case and if you indicate a destination where you want us to upload our demo we will do that within 24 hours.

For proper work Softage Video Codec requires DirectX9 or later installed on your PC. If you have older version you can download the latest version from web site.

Also here you can download sample uncompressed .avi files to compare it with movies compressed by Softage codec.

carphone.avi (14,739,968 bytes)
foreman.avi (15,431,680 bytes)
miss_am.avi (5,827,584 bytes)
suzie.avi (5,827,584 bytes)

To compress any uncompressed .avi file with help of Softage Video Codec or to play files compressed by it you can use standard DirectX GraphEdit tool. The key objects are Softage H.263 Encoder and/or Softage H.263 Decoder. Please see the picture below as an example of a Graph for playing usual .avi file by passing it through Softage Encoder and Decoder to standard Video Renderer.

Softage H.263 video codec Graphedit screenshot