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Outsourcing Java development to Softage Java team profile


Why choosing Softage for your Java development project? Because Softage has team of Ajax, J2se, J2me, J2ee programmers and J2se, J2me, Ajax, J2ee developers to create projects ranging from the environments with limited resources to the Internet environments. We are the Java development provider of choice for many small to medium businesses and large enterprises worldwide. Softage partners with industry leader Sun Microsystems having a status of Sun Advantage Partner to deliver top-notch applications to our customers. Recently Softage Inc proprietary product Softage MPMP successfully passed official Sun Audit Program testing as a part of Sun Partner Program.Our Java development team has a solid educational background with J2ee, J2me programming.

Softage Java team develops the following applications:

Distributed Enterprise (N-tier) applications

Softage team has knowledge of cutting edge technologies including IBM WebSphere, Ajax, Struts, Spring, Jasper Reports, JBoss Application Server, Hibernate framework and others.

Softage delivers Java applications to Financial, Software, Telecommunication, E-commerce, Science, Healthcare and other industries.

Here you can see few examples of our completed Java development projects.

Java projects

Electronic data processing system

We offer J2se, J2ee, J2me development for commercial and non-commercial products. Large scale custom data processing system was developed for a leading European investment bank. The system has a web part developed using Java. The system serves as a highly reliable and secure communication channel between the headquarters, offices, partners and clients.

Technologies: Java, CORBA, Oracle 8, Delphi 7, Borland C/C++


Online Casino

Online Casino is a complete software application that was designed specifically for licensed gaming operators. Its main purpose is to provide modern gaming experience to casino players at the comfort of their home, through broadcasted live casino games, secured payment solution, and automated administration and monitoring of the whole business operation.

Technologies: Java 5, Hibernate-3.2, Spring framework-1.2.6, Struts-1.2.9, Jasperreports-1.2.5


E-commerce and customer service solution

Value added tool designed to leverage existing e-commerce sites and generate revenues from improved customer service.

Technologies: Java JDK 1.4-1.5, EJB 2.1, Hibernate, Swing, AJAX, JBoss 4.x, MySQL 3.x-4.x


About Softage Java team

Since the inception Softage has formed specialized Java team to meet a growing demand for outsourcing Java application development. Softage Java team developers have solid educational background with bachelor and master degrees from leading Russian universities and rich work experience in Java technologies (3 years+).


Here you can get some CVs of our Java team members in PDF:

 Softage Java team PM
 Softage Java team Developer
 Softage Java team Architect
 Softage Java team profile
 Softage Java technologies list

Softage MPMP

Softage MPMP is a powerful software platform for multimedia content aggregation and delivery to mobile phones. The platform automates process of large scale delivery of text, images, and audio/video files to a wide range of mobile phones including smartphones.

Technologies: Java 5, JDBC, Struts 1.2.9, Spring 2.0.2, JSP + JSP Tags, AXIS, Tomcat 5.5+



Why choosing Java as development platform? Java applications are cross-platform working fine on most popular operating systems including Windows, UNIX-like and Macintosh. Java also provides a large choice of open source software components that could be used in your custom software development project significantly reducing total development effort and saving precious time. J2EE standard allows delivering high performance large scale enterprise applications.

Here is the partial list of technologies that we use:

IBM WebSphere IBM suite of products designed to set up, operate and integrate e-business applications across multiple computing platforms using Web technologies
Axis - SOAP \WSDL \Web Services library. Cross platform communication solution
Hibernate - is an object-relational mapping (ORM) solution for the Java language: it provides an easy to use framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a traditional relational database
Spring framework - the leading full-stack Java/JEE application framework
Jakarta Struts top web engine
Ajax is a technology to build dynamic web pages on the client side
JBoss - is an open source Java EE-based application server implemented in Java
Jasper reports famous easy-to-use reporting engine
Quartz - is a full-featured, open source job scheduling system that can be integrated with, or used alongside virtually any J2EE or J2SE application

For complete list of technologies please see Softage Java technologies list

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