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System programming DB2 booster OS/390 porting

System programming


Specialists of Softage have been working in system programming since 1974 on a wide range of platforms and for different industries. The list of platforms includes Win32, Linux, Windows Mobile, WinCE, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, MontaVista Linux, FreeBSD, and IBM AS/400.

Softage delivers solutions in the following areas:

Transport protocols development,
Drivers for Win32/Linux,
Digital Signal Processing,
Low level software for specialized hardware,
Device programming,
Firmware development etc.

We use the following programming languages:


System programming is the activity of programming system software. The primary distinctive characteristic of systems programming when compared to application programming is that systems programming requires a greater degree of hardware awareness.

In system programming, often limited programming facilities are available. The use of automatic garbage collection is not common and debugging is sometimes hard to do. The runtime library, if available at all, is usually far less powerful, and does less error checking. Because of those limitations, monitoring and logging are often used; operating systems may have extremely elaborated logging subsystems.

Case studies:

WAP stack
SQL query optimization
DB2 booster
OS/390 porting